Welcome to the CycleRecycle Courier Challenge

2 shops - 1 ride - Countless Routes

Welcome to the CycleRecycle Courier Challenge (CCC).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to....


  1. Start at a CycleRecycle branch of your choice 

  2. Cycle to the other branch

  3. Collect a part to be couriered

  4. Return it to the branch you started at.

Cost is Just £2 - of which 100% goes to charity

Prize? Your place on the leader board on our website & in our stores, and 

the pride our raising a little bit of money for charity

The CCC is open to all age groups, all types of rider, and in all weathers.

Pop into either of our stores to start, pay your £2 per rider, and the stopwatch begins.

It will stop when you return with the part from the other shop

Special mentions will go out to special rides (Tricycle. Tandem, fancy dress etc etc)

Basic obvious stuff, but we need to say it

  • Obviously this is on public roads, so observe the highway code at all times. Be safe, wear a helmet and don't take any unnecessary risks.

  • This is for fun, so treat it as such. Anyone found taking this too seriously will have their times removed and asked to cycle to our Kazakhstan branch to collect some skyhooks

  • Cheating will mean immediate disqualification, and bad Karma.

  • This is a challenge, not a race, please treat it as such.


Your time will be visible on this page of our website